Application for Becoming an Approved Vendor in Relation to Row Maintenance and Snow Removal Services for TANAP System


TANAP Doğalgaz İletim A.Ş. (“TANAP”) owns and operates the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline, being a 1800km pipeline approximate (being 1,333 km of 56" diameter pipeline and the remaining section 48" diameter pipeline) with agreed compression and an initial capacity of 16 bcma from a single entry point at the South Caucasus Pipeline (“SCP”) system interconnection to exit points within Turkey and with the Trans Adriatic Pipeline ("TAP") system at or near the Greece/Turkey border (the "TANAP System").

TANAP is pleased to inform that the companies intending to become an approved vendor to TANAP have the opportunity to apply in accordance with their business expertise.

TANAP wishes to engage a contractor to perform the Right of Way (“ROW”) Maintenance, and Snow Removal Services (“Works”) for TANAP System (excluding the offshore pipeline section), and brief scope of Works are summarized as below:

ROW Maintenance::

  • Reinstating land contour changes due to landslides, slumping, subsidence or any geographic formation due to erosion, and mitigating geo hazard risks to protect pipeline system against probable hazards.
  • Maintenance / repair / cleaning of slope breakers and other erosion control structures
  • ROW marker repair, re-location and missing ROW marker installation
  • Support CP (cathodic protection) Test Post repair activities such as transportation, excavation and lifting.
  • Traffic sign installation and repair through the access roads to TANAP AGIs (if required)
  • Weed removal including chemical weeding and spraying and cleaning of the drainage systems
  • Vegetation, restoration and tree planting activities
  • Any hand or mechanical excavation on the RoW and at the stations
  • Providing workmanship support to the daily site activities
  • Providing technical support to inspect/monitor social impact and 3rd party crossing related activities where necessary
  • Support to site controlling of the PMS alarms at ROW.
  • Snow Removal:

  • Remove snow from access and existing public roads to TANAP stations and housing compounds and keep accessible for transportation.
  • Remove snow from driveways, walkways, sidewalks, hydrants within TANAP stations and housing compounds.
  • Remove snow top section of equipment/piping if required for operation within TANAP stations.
  • Provide access to a location where required emergency intervention on site.
  • In this regard, the companies intending to become an approved vendor to TANAP (“Applicants”) in relation to the right of way maintenance and snow removal services are kindly requested to fill-out the questionnaire form (“Questionnaire”), which can be downloaded via link provided below, and to submit their application inclusive of the Questionnaire with the supporting documentation as required thereof to the e-mail address at via electronic mail, with the subject of “Submission of Questionnaire for ROW Maintenance and Snow Removal Services for TANAP System”.

    Besides, the Applicants intending to be evaluated by TANAP for invitation to a Bid for ROW Maintenance and Snow Removal Services for TANAP System, which may be announced by the first quarter of 2022 by TANAP at its sole discretion, shall submit their applications as detailed above on or before 18:00 hrs. local (Ankara, Turkey) time 1 November 2021.

    Notwithstanding the above, an Applicant requiring any clarification of the Questionnaire shall contact TANAP via electronic mail to the e-mail address at

    Questionnaire: Please click for download