Project of the Year Award
TANAP received the “Project of the Year” award on October 20, 2020 from the Project Management Institute (PMI), which supports the development and implementation of professional standards in project, program and portfolio management. The “Project of the Year” award was given in recognition of TANAP’s excellent project management, and the delivery of the Project on time and under budget, with focus on safety and quality, as well as the social, economic and cultural values that were promoted throughout the project, meeting in full the PMI project management standards.
Communitas Award
In early April 2019, TANAP’s social and environmental initiatives, were recognized with a “Communitas Award” in the category of “Leadership in Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility” for its exemplary efforts in giving back to the communities along the Pipeline route. A worldwide prestigious award that recognizes companies that bring benefit to local communities, Communitas Awards were given to a total of 15 companies in 2019 – 11 in the United States and four in the rest of the world.
International CSR Excellence Award
Following the Communitas Award, TANAP won a prestigious “International CSR Excellence Award” in the “Sustainability” category, receiving the award at a ceremony held at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) on July 22, 2019 in recognition of its investments and the development projects implemented along its route. The International CSR Excellence Awards are presented to conscientious companies that use their privileged position to help their colleagues, communities, customers, suppliers, the environment and the less fortunate.
The Green World Awards
In further recognition of its efforts, TANAP received an international Green World Award in August 2019 from The Green Organisation, UK in the “Best Environmental Practice” category for the various initiatives and achievements related to the environment conducted during the course of the Project, winning the award ahead of more than 500 other nominations. The Green World Awards are one of the world’s most prestigious recognition campaigns, assessing and rewarding the endeavors of commerce, industry and governments that have a beneficial impact on the environment and that improve sustainability.
IBA (International Business Awards)
TANAP received “The Stevie® Award” in the category of “Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year – in Europe” in August 2019. Honoring and generating public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide, the Stevie® Awards are the world’s premier business awards, with recipients being selected by a panel of judges that includes many of the world’s most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and business educators.
PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards
Adding to its achievements, TANAP was recognized with a reputable “PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award” in the category of “Community Affairs” in late August 2019. The PR Daily Award Program celebrates the most successful campaigns, initiatives and teams working in the communication, PR and marketing sectors. The US-based PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards reward communicators, teams and agencies who create and cultivate best practices, and who know how to deliver powerful messages about how their organizations — or the organizations they represent – are doing their part to make the world a better place.
European Excellence Awards
In another achievement in recognition of the exemplary social and environmental practices it has conducted along its route, on November 29, 2019 TANAP was granted a reputable “European Excellence Award” in the category of “Turkey”. The European Excellence Awards, which are hosted by Quadriga – a Berlin-based knowledge hub of excellence in education, information, networking and business IT solutions – honor outstanding performances in the field of PR and communications. With in-depth categories that cover everything from internal communications to public relations, the Awards open a window onto the most exceptional examples of this field in Europe.
The Peer Awards for Excellence
TANAP was handed a double award by the UK-based “Peer Awards” in early 2020 in the categories of “Corporate Responsibility” and “Corporate Responsibility – Practical Community Projects”. The Peer Awards recognize those who deliver great business value and transformational impacts through their innovations and implementations, serving as a powerful platform for the showcasing of interesting projects and for the sharing of best practices with one’s peers, who may be hugely inspired by being able to learn from one another.
GBO Awards 2020 (Global Business Outlook)
TANAP was honored in July 2020 with the “Company of the Year – Turkey 2020” award, granted by the UK-based publication “Global Business Outlook”, which is dedicated to providing an overview of the vital industrial sectors and developments in the business world.
World Commerce & Contracting, Innovation and Excellence Awards
The most recent achievement of TANAP, in December 2020, was its receipt of an “EMEA – Delivering Social and Economic Benefit Award” and a “Global – Delivering Social and Economic Benefit Award” by the US-based “World Commerce & Contracting, Innovation and Excellence Awards”, which recognize organizations who engage in initiatives that deliver meaningful change and impact, and that achieve the highest standards in the field of commercial and contract management.