Operation and Maintenance

The main intention in the TANAP system is to ensure the availability and delivery of gas at the nominated flow rate, pressure and specification, and at the required time, to the end-user connections.

The TANAP System is operated and maintained in a prudent and cost-effective manner, ensuring the safety of the personnel and surrounding communities, and minimizing the impact on the environment, while adhering to international standards of oil&gas sector and all applicable local laws and regulations.

The Operating Philosophy has been established based on design assumptions, operating experience, reliability considerations and the cost/benefit of reliability.

In this direction, TANAP's goals are;

  • Ensure the continued safety of Employees and the Personnel of Contractors who work within TANAP’s System and Facilities
  • Ensure the continued safety of the public
  • Operate without causing harm to the environment.
  • Maintain the physical integrity of the TANAP system and TANAP facilities
  • Operate in a manner that is safe and prudent manner for the benefit of all TANAP transmission-system customers
  • Apply Control of Work principles in accordance with TANAP Procedures
  • Manage the commercial and physical operations of the TANAP system in accordance with the requirements of commercial agreements
  • To verify and ensure that the intent has been achieved, the TANAP System shall be continuously monitored by the MCC, located in Ankara, Turkey.