Press Releases

Detailed Engineering for the TANAP Pipeline Security System (PSS) Funded by the European Commission

The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency’s (INEA) partly-funded Action “Detailed Engineering for Pipeline Security System (PSS)” has now been successfully completed.

The scope of “Detailed Engineering for Pipeline Security System (PSS)” Action encompassed the design of all Security Sub-Systems which collectively form the Pipeline Security System, these being:

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), which employ buried fiber optical cables and fence-mounted fiber optical cables for detection of intruders

Security Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) for visual detection and validation of intruders

Access Control Systems (ACS) for control and monitoring of personnel within zoned site areas

Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) used for the recording of essential voice communication

The timely completion of the Detailed Design enabled the completion of all Sub-System Factory Acceptance Tests to be achieved on time and within Project schedules.

The final report illustrates the progress and success of the Action ‘Detailed Engineering for Pipeline Security System (PSS)” and shall be presented to INEA by June 30, 2017.