The TANAP Natural Gas Transmission Company cares about engaging the public and all other stakeholders in every aspect of the project. Stakeholder engagement in all phases is thus a key factor.
TANAP has adopted a strategic and structured approach to create and maintain constructive relationships with all stakeholders. TANAP has developed a detailed Stakeholder Engagement Plan which will serve as a reference for interaction with stakeholders.
All people, both as communities and individuals, affected by the TANAP Project as well as other stakeholders will be able to share their concerns and complaints, collectively and personally. To this end, a mutually acceptable Grievance Management Procedure has been created.
The basic steps for complaint management are as follows:
  • All complaints are recorded and added to the system within 2 business days.
  • After being added to the system, the complaint will be evaluated by experts within 10 business days, and necessary inquiries will be carried out.
  • Complaints will be resolved within 30 business days to ensure complainants receive a prompt response. For those who wish to file a complaint/request, a toll-free number (800 314 11 22) has been created for the Project in addition to an online Registration Form.


E-mail for all your complaints and requests: