The Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Project (TANAP) is implementing an effective and sustainable Community Relations Management System during the project construction and operation phases to avoid or minimize negative impact on labor and maximize positive effects towards project objectives.

Within this framework, all work carried out will be in accordance with these objectives, national laws, regulations, international standards, and the current best practices in the natural gas industry.

To that end, the TANAP Project is committed to the implementation of the following:

The TANAP Project will start a dialogue with people living in directly and indirectly-affected areas, and efforts will be made to build lasting relationships.

The social impacts of the Project will be determined, assessed and managed. In this regard, those people affected by the Project as well as other stakeholders will be identified, with open consultations being held with interested parties.

An effective and sustainable Community Relations Management System will be implemented to register and manage complaints. These systems, along with their policies and procedures, will be established in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

All employees and contract employees will be given awareness-raising training in the implementation of TANAP Project’s Social Policy.