Occupational Health and Safety is an integral part of TANAP’s strategy, and one of our key objectives. The health of safety of our employees and all parties involved in these strategic projects is a priority.

TANAP will do the following to achieve these objectives;

  • All activities will be implemented using an effective, dynamic and OHSAS 18001 standards-compliant Integrated Management System in all aspects.
  • Emergency care and treatment personnel will be onsite to address possible harm to the health of all employees and corporate staff, along with security measures to prevent workplace diseases. Employees can refuse to work in unsafe conditions, those who do will not face sanctions.
  • Awareness of health and safety issues will be raised at all levels of the organization, including partners, contractors and suppliers; TANAP will hold them responsible for acting in accordance with these standards.
  • Emergency Action Plans have been prepared to respond to accidents or crises which may arise; Accident Investigation Procedures have been prepared to prevent recurrence of similar accidents or incidents.
  • TANAP will measure and monitor each stage of the Project with studies and targets under the Occupational Health and Safety Management System to continually improve safety performance.