TANAP’s Grievance Redress Mechanism is being strengthened with new “Appeals Committees” to take active role in resolving the complaints where the affected people and TANAP cannot reach an agreement.

In order to strengthen the existing Grievance Redress Mechanism and thus, bring credibility to the grievance redress process, TANAP has set up “Appeals Committees” comprised of independent members who are not associated with the Project implementation. The Committee is being constituted separately for each of the four construction Lots including corresponding AGIs throughout the pipeline route to enable serving all stakeholders that may be affected by the Project. Each Committee consists of 3 independent experts chosen from the local universities, local institutes, local NGOs or persons of repute form the local area. Additionally, 2 committee chairmen each leading two committees have been assigned so as to ensure these committees work regularly and concurrently. The Committee will meet at least once a month or more often depending on the number and frequency of complaints made directly to them.

The mandate of each Committee covers considering complaints on which TANAP and the affected people could not reach an agreement on the issues listed below; but excluding Turkish Labor Law and Expropriation Law:

  • Project’s activities induced damage to environment
  • Project’s activities induced damage to public assets and infrastructure
  • Project’s activities induced damage to private assets (lands, crops, houses etc.)
  • Project’s activities induced impacts on livelihood

The complainant is free to ask for TANAP’s Social Impact Specialist to convey his/her complaints to the “Appeal Committee” assigned in his/her region so that any complaints which have already been considered by TANAP or Construction Contractors but could not be resolved can be re-considered by the Committee.